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Tuesday, 11.26.13 at 4:10 pm
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Altered States full screen print

The Altered States of America” is Chop Shop’s take on the US map via a theme that’s near and dear to our hearts: sci-fi, horror, and fantasy. This is an illustrated screen-printed map populated with the legendary events and characters from popular sci-fi, horror, and fantasy film, TV, comics and legends. What makes the map even more fun is that it depicts where the fictional stories take place, not where they were filmed or produced. The art is done and the screen print is shipping in early December (plenty of time for holiday gift giving). For those who cannot wait, a more affordable digital version is available now as well as versions for each of the four regions of the United States’ Northeast, Midwest, South and West.

The project was originally a Kickstarter campaign that ended in September and was funded almost 400% past our original goal. The screen print will be a large 36″x24″ five-color poster printed by Valhalla Studios on French Paper 100lb Whitewash. The all versions of the digital prints come in a choice of sizes 13×19″ or 17×22″.


A cigarette smoking man in Texas



Evil Dead things in Tennessee



You will find the Twilight Zone in Ohio



The ark is found and lost again in Nevada



The launch of the Satellite of Love in Minnesota



Green Mile in Louisiana


Altered States Gallery

Shining, Stargate, Hunger Games, Mork and “the Darkest Timeline” in Colorado



Too many things to show in California


Altered States detailed image

Manhattan in Arizona



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