Robot Stuff on Etsy – Part 2

Wednesday, 03.25.09 at 1:34 am
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Made by boldandnoble

Today’s Robot Stuff on Etsy features a hand pulled screen print of a robot made up of letters on 100% recycled card stock.  Not only does this tickle my inner geek and inner designer but also my inner environmentalist.  This print is about 20×27 inches and comes in either cobalt blue or silver.  I personally prefer the blue.  The price is a little steep at $49 but it IS an art piece and each one is lovingly hand prepared.  The print is made across the pond so you will also pay an extra $10 for shipping to the US.

This print is reminiscent of the Helbotica T that we have in the Shop, which also cleverly composes Helvetica letterforms into the shape of a robot.  So if you can’t shell out the $49 for the print, why not wear your design/geek pride on your chest for only $23.

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