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Monday, 08.24.09 at 12:21 pm
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Filter Heroes
Chop Shop is excited to release its latest tee design, “Filter Heroes”. The original concept was actually hatched during The Chopping Block’s formative years in the late 90’s. At that time the studio repeatedly re-worked their company website to look like anything but a design studio’s website. The first versions included a Nascar site, a vintage horror B-movie site, a golden age of spaceflight (recently featured here) site and a boy scouts site. Around the time of the fifth iteration of our site, Flash had arrived and allowed designers an opportunity to really present something online that stood apart from the larger majority of sites. Before that, the most anyone had to boast about were 8-frame gif animations and perhaps some javascript rollovers to really blow people away.

Filter Heroes Home Page
Chopping Block wanted the next version of the site to be a real departure from the rest. One of the early ideas was to do a comic-style version of the site featuring each of us as super-heroes. The concept got more exciting when one of us suggested that our super powers be based upon often abused Photo Shop filters like “Lens Flare”, “Ocean Ripple” or “Mosaic Tiles”. We even had our then intern, Amin Amat work out some initial sketches which sadly featured our Project Manager as a comic relief ape man. Even though that idea itself had us really laughing out-loud and scored at least a 9 on the nerd-factor scale… we bailed on the overall idea as comic style anything was just played out.

Filter Heroes Art
Fast forward 10 short years later… The idea finally got bumped to the top of the Chop Shop to do queue when illustrator Joshua Kemble inquired about working with us on a new design. Kemble had recently scored a hit at Threadless with his “league of evil cliche super-villains” design and it seemed at last we have a great reason to finally get this idea out the door and into the world. Get the tee now and Let the filtering madness ensue.

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Forget the shirt, I want that utility belt!

08/24/2009 | 7:06 pm

So I’m assuming that Biatrice now knows Leo’s secret identity.

08/29/2009 | 9:41 am

One of my favorite shirts of the year. Mixing 2 of my favorite things Superheroes and Graphic Design. The costume is awesome too. That’s what I want to be for Halloween.

10/07/2009 | 9:25 pm
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