Robot Stuff on Etsy: Part 5 (wedding edition)

Tuesday, 08.04.09 at 12:46 pm
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Beatriz and Leo
Today is a wonderful day the block. Leo, one of our own, got himself hitched and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

So you can imagine my excitement when I came across this on etsy. This adorable painting clocks in at a miniscule 2½” × 3½” but it is really quite beautiful even at such a small size. It’s actually a digital illustration printed on stretched canvas and it comes on it’s own tiny easel (apparently affixed by elves) as well.


I love the idea of robots in love, it seems to have a greater meta implication that maybe we are all robots…in love.

Grab yours at ArtIsBetterTiny’s store on Etsy for only $12!

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Yay Leo! Congrats!

08/04/2009 | 7:02 pm


Also, thats a really nice tie.

08/04/2009 | 9:13 pm

I am so glad Leo got married that I went and got married myself. 8 years ago.

08/05/2009 | 12:33 am

Handsome couple.

08/05/2009 | 11:28 am


08/05/2009 | 11:02 pm
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