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Wednesday, 09.16.09 at 5:53 pm
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Fall is here and you know what that means, back to school time. This fall, Tim and I will both be teaching at School of Visual Arts. Tim will be teaching Basic and Advanced Flash Weekend workshop classes and I (Matthew) will be teaching an Advanced Flash Independent Project Actionscript class.

The Independent projects class is always a satisfying class to lead. It is geared towards those who already have a solid foundation in Actionscript 3 but want to expand their portfolio while reinforcing and discussing solid approaches to creating more robust Flash projects. Unlike the standard Advanced Flash Class, we start building projects right away. If we need to cover any of the basic principles of ActionScript 3 & OOP, we do it in the context of the projects at hand. This semester we will be focusing on sound, interaction, video and a little 3D.

As always, more info about Chopping Block classes, workshops, teachers and boat loads of unlabeled example/demo files can be found at

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Hi there,

I saw your classes posted on the SVA site, and I’m hoping you can offer me some advice. I’m an online media professional looking for a good Flash course to take in order to learn the basics of actionscript and creating Flash banner ads. Do you guys teach anywhere besides SVA? Can you recommend any other good teachers/courses if I’ve missed registration for yours?

I appreciate your help!


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