The Bizzarre Universe of Michael Paukner

Monday, 01.25.10 at 1:45 pm
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Solar System
Admit it, deep down inside we (or at least I) all secretly want to explore the heavens untethered from the Earth and unlock all the mysteries of the universe. Perhaps that is why the beautiful info-graphic art of Michael Paukner is so appealing. His work focuses on many scientific themes such as space exploration, as seen in this poster of the Solar System as it is known today (above), to more conspiratorial “junk science” theories like numerology, the Doomsday Planet (follows the link) and that crazy Aztec calendar that ends in 2012.

My impression is that much of the latter work is for fun and the themes provide for some really engaging imagery. These (and a few other images) are available from his site in poster form (for those of you with barren walls begging for inspiration).

Click above to see Michael’s info-graphic on how an eclipse works. This has to be the most attractive depiction of this phenomenon ever attempted. If you want to see more of his work apart from what is on sale at his site, you need to check out this set in his flickr feed which includes some of his more bizarre designs (click below).


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