weVolve is a Barrel Monkey Made of Monkeys

Thursday, 09.16.10 at 9:40 pm
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The Chop Shop iconic series of designs continues — and is going ape. Okay, so maybe “ape” is taxonomically too specific. Let’s just say the design features a bunch of chimpanzees, monkeys, gorillas and even a few human-ape hybrids to please the sci-fi crowd. That is a total of celebrated simians from various sources of film, television, comics, cartoons, video games, literature and children’s entertainment.

Additionally, the whole set of icons can be found on our flickr page at hires settings for better detail. There is also a numbered version of the artwork available, suitable for blogging and inviting commenters to guess each one.

This newest addition to the Chop Shop iconic series of tee designs was made with the superior discharge method of printing tshirts. A process that allows the finest of details to be clear which are usually lost to traditional methods of printing on t-shirt fabrics. Styles are available for men in American Apparel Olive and Chocolate as well as in Alstyle Black. Women styles come in American Apparel Chocolate. Coming soon in Toddler and Kid sizes as well.

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