Seven Sins, Four Endings and Two T-shirts

Friday, 12.03.10 at 12:30 pm
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Seven Sins
We saw this tshirt on I am the Trend’s blog and had to buy a copy. After wearing it a few times, we had to produce it as well. A master-work of typography by Joby Cummings, wherein each of the seven deadly sins are woven into the unmistakable likeness of a skull. Also provides a great reference source for keeping track of how to avoid eternal damnation.

Four Endings
Another master-work of typography by Joby Cummings is Four Endings, wherein the words death, judgement, hell and glory are woven into the likeness of a cross. Yet another reminder from Joby to always do your best to avoid that pesky eternal damnation.

Get the Seven Deadly Sins and Four Endings at Chop Shop despite the dark and foreboding themes — just in time for the holidays!

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beauty, looks a little celtic almost

anne Hughes
03/24/2011 | 1:11 pm

After seeing this typography for second time,
I realized how well design are this t-shirts
but how ever the words aren’t clear enough
people almost think it’s Celtic.

Sing Out, Sista: