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Friday, 08.29.14 at 3:20 pm
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You Are the Bomb Card

We are pretty serious about design in print these days. Despite having a pretty amazing Epson digital printer in-house that comes pretty damn close to making things look screen-printed, we still have a deep appreciation for the beauty of letter press. Apparently we are not alone — according to Etsy Wholesale, one of the biggest trends for 2014 is all things Letter Pressed. And we were thinking that stuff was really just for just for type and designerds like us. So we just launched our inaugural line of letter pressed greeting cards.

This first line of cards include the predictable themes like BirthdayApologyRomance but also skews to the unusual themes like Luberjackism and pipe-smoking. Check out our current line of cards below and see them all listed for sale here.


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