Save the Planet in Typographic Style

Friday, 03.20.09 at 2:41 pm
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Recycled glass bottles
To the Planeteers: I found a proper vessel to celebrate the day you convince Captain Planet to cut his mullet. These glass cups were once used bottles flame cut and polished into the gorgeous forms you see above. Among my favorite are the Boylan glasses which make their appeal by way of the screenprinted label which hasn’t changed much since the mid 1950s. Another favorite are the Frucade glasses whose twisted shape distinguishes them from most other plain-shaped soda bottles. Check them out on Etsy before I buy them all!

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Nice find, Leo

03/20/2009 | 8:38 pm

Reminds me of what someone did with the Ronnybrook Glass Bottle…

03/25/2009 | 5:33 pm

very cool

03/26/2009 | 2:27 am

I like them; they look very retro and colorful.

04/01/2009 | 1:55 pm
Sing Out, Sista: