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Tuesday, 03.17.09 at 3:08 pm
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Spacesick’s “I Can Read Movies” series

Spacesick’s “I Can Read Movies” series

We here at the Chop Shop have a flickr account just like everyone else on the planet. I know your Mom and Dad have one too. The thing that makes us different from your Moms and Pops is that we also started a group on on flickr called the The Design and Illustration Muscle Collection. What makes this design and illustration group better than all those other ones that your aunts and uncles started is that this one is awesome. Let me break that down for you… it will leave you in “awe” and wanting “some” more.

But beware! The group is by application and we are not the only ones who can accept or deny members. We don’t do that because we think we are so cool… but if you just leave it open, then everything gets posted there. Even excellent designers will post every loose sketch in their portfolio if they are allowed to do so. So this group is curated in an attempt to only allow members best pieces to stay in the collection. So please come by and take a look at the collection or apply to become a member as well. If you do apply, please allow some time before it gets processed. The admins go through applications every few weeks, not every day.

Theory One and Sad Mascot’s “Rock N Roll”

Theory One and Sad Mascot’s “Rock N Roll”

We have posted a few of our favorites here as your cousins may have noticed. We discovered the above illustration in the group and arranged to have it added to our tshirt (mens & womens) collection for sale. Be sure to check out other work by Theory One and Sad Mascot and marvel as they flex their collective illustration muscles. Look at those biceps!


Hine’s “Squid Pirate”

This image is seared into my mind and I cannot live a whole and complete life without glancing at it every few days. It is actually a still from a video that Hine had done for They Might Be Giants (who we coincidentally have a brand new site for which going live real soon!). If you find the idea of booze and alcohol in the tentacles of Cephalopods unsettling, I think that somehow you will find that this image somehow makes it all okay. Go on and stare in wide-eyed wonder.

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