Itchy iPhone? Try Some New Skins.

Tuesday, 04.07.09 at 1:15 pm
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Keith RichardsJoe StrummerDavid ByrneIo moon of Jupiter

Sometimes when your iPhone develops a rash, it’s best to just find it a new skin. Chop Shop has created an incredibly large collection of wallpapers based on rock stars from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. First, from the rockStar tshirt is 28 classic rockers from the years 1964-76. Second, from the rebelRock tshirt come 32 icons of rock, folk and funk from the years 1972-82. The third and final of the series is videoRock tshirt, 32 icons of rock, pop and new wave hailing from the years 1980-89. The last set to be included here is from and it includes the 19 major bodies of our Solar System and the best “full globe” images yet obtained by various probes (Mercury needs an update!).

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