Our Design All Over a Little League Team

Friday, 05.29.09 at 10:01 pm
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Something popped up in our mailboxes last week from numerous friends. Apparently They Might Be Giants has taken to sponsoring Little League teams and are using our “No!” tshirt designs as uniforms. Have to say its nice to see a design we executed pop up everywhere from supermarket shelves to a friend’s personal CD collection. But we never expected to see a crowd of brightly uniformed jr. baseball enthusiasts suited up in our tshirt design we executed in support of the CD release.

They Might Be Giants Team ShotThe giant “No!” bubble on each kid’s chest makes a pretty awesome logo for a team. It must be pretty comical watching a bunch of rugrats circle bases emblazoned with this defiant “No!” on their chests. Pretty quickly, it stops being about the Giants’ children’s album and being more about dinner with no dessert and multiple time-outs.

They Might Be Giants huddleThis tee is still available at They Might Be Giants online shop if you are so inclined. However, participation in a Baseball team is entirely optional.

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