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Friday, 10.09.09 at 12:02 pm
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weBite Tshirt
The only thing that outlives vampires is our obsession with them. In 1922, the film Nosferatu introduced our fanged friends to film and almost 90 years later, vampires are sucking more than ever.

weBite is the second in our series of horror/fantasy designs, following weScare (a collection of 59 monsters). It features vampires from film, sitcoms, anime, cartoons, children’s entertainment, video games, comics, comedy and even the breakfast table. All ominously arranged into the form of an outstretched bat.

weBite on black
Get weBite for Men in either American Apparel or Alstyle in the colors black, chocolate or cranberry. Goth girls also have the same options available here.

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