79 Ways to Eliminate Your Enemies

Wednesday, 05.18.11 at 7:36 pm
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How do you save the world? Stop the robots? Kill the deadly Beast of Caerbannog? You do it with a Holy Hand Grenade or with a shark with frickin’ laser beams attached to its head. weLoaded features 79 fictional weapons from various pop-culture sources including television, film, video games and comic books.

This t-shirt design features more guns than you will find at an NRA rally, but also features an armoury full of grenades, swords and daggers as well. Possibly most entertaining is its selection of unconventional weaponry such as the nuclear bomb named “Jughead”, a giant green cartoon apple, a lethal 8-bit air-pump and many more.

Or maybe you just want to waste an entire day of work. Take a look at weLoaded in it’s numbered form and distribute it to your co-workers. This should nearly shut-down the overall productivity of the male employees in your department for the better part of the day. Also feel free to post it to your friends on Facebook or your personal blog as well.

See our flickr stream for the art in a HI-RES version or for a hi-res version of it NUMBERED for GAMING as seen in the image above.

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