Stop the Letter Presses!

Monday, 04.27.09 at 2:34 pm
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There is something I just love about Supermarkethq. I would never do anything to hurt Etsy’s feelings, but Supermarkethq is the newest kid on the block and we think its got legs. Big, long, lanky designer legs.


One of the best things you can find there are various hand letter-pressed products (L2 Design Collective shown above for example). Who would have thought that in the year 2009 the art of letterpress printing would find itself a way back into the marketplace? What is old becomes new again. Art forms like these would have had little chance of showing their creators some kind of audience… even just a few years back. People who work in these mediums who could never expect any public embrace of this work (beyond gifting to family and friends) now have a way to actually turn their efforts into a little profit.


I have officially declared a fatwa on the greeting card industry and will never again dig out my lousy $6 for the usual last-minute card grab at the stationery store surrounded by Hummel dolls. Instead I now find myself always at the ready with a card purchased weeks ahead of time becuase I now look forward to finding the next artistic gem (“Ps and Qs” by Green Chair Press and my most recent purchase above-right by Daily Crafton).


Maybe you didn’t design them yourself, but isn’t it a hell-of-a-lot more personal to purchase a considered original piece of art (Orange Beautiful folded note cards shown above) rather than some other tripe peddled by the whores of sentiment?

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