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Wednesday, 07.08.09 at 6:32 pm
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Chop Shop is horrified to release the first of 3 collection tee designs that will feature MONSTERS. weScare features 59 icons of celebrated Fantasy and Horror creatures with several of them gnashing their terrible teeth. References are wide ranging from film, television, animation, video games, comic books, rock history, children’s literature, toys, gaming and one from kustom kulture (let me Google that for you). Stop staring at the art and just buy one. Own it long enough and you will eventually figure out all 59… maybe with the help of your little brother.

We went and made this design available for men on American Apparel Lapis (a rich blue) or on Alstyle Black, Dark Chocolate or Cardinal tees, sizes SML – 3XL. Ladies, don’t worry. You can get your horror on American Apparel Cranberry or on Alstyle Dark Chocolate, sizes SML – 2XL. Finally, options in this design for children of all sizes are coming by the first week of August. Check back then and buy a copy for everyone in your family and the dangerous man secretly living in your attic.

American Apparel
On a related and yet unrelated note…

Chop Shop has finally committed itself to providing American Apparel stock options for all new designs and reprints. Currently you can get all of our newest designs; weScare, robotRock, Robots No Follow, I love You Robot and BEat the Control all printed on AA stock. In addition to that, a few of our classic designs have been reprinted and are also newly available on AA. weRobot reprinted with newly added glow-in-the-dark features on a lush Dark Chocolate and Helbotica on an electrifying Lapis. We don’t want to go link crazy more than we already have, so for the ladies… most of these designs are also available on AA stock as well and can be found here.

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