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Monday, 07.20.09 at 4:58 pm
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When faced with the task of finding an image for a comp, I usually head on over to Flickr.  The problem is that I inevitably get side-tracked by all the shiny, shiny pictures. So it’s time to focus on specific pools of photos.  Today, I came across 2 really great ones, Masters of the Words and Tattoos of Words Only. Both have excellent examples of something that I spend(waste) hours looking at; something we all take for granted – Type. I am fascinated by how every piece of type for a sign, product or even tattoo has some kind of story behind it and both of these Flickr pools do a great job of collecting those stories.

Some of my favorites are ( “Expert Metal & Leather Work“, “I must“, “WHEREVER I MAY ROAM“, and “finally“)

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