A World Without Photoshop

Friday, 09.10.10 at 4:58 pm
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Last week we set forth upon the internets (YouTube) a fun little short film/project envisioning what the daily life of a creative team might be like if Photoshop had never been invented.

The project started off the exact same way the video does: with somebody, as designers or photographers frequently do, asking: “Can you imagine what the world would be like without Photoshop?” Most often this question is followed up with a series of silly geeky design/photography references until somebody eventually adds: “it would suck.” This time however, we did the math… if Photoshop is 20 years old then it came out in 1990, leaving us with the comedic gem of an alternate reality that is oddly stuck in the late 80’s (plus the silly geeky design tools).

This defining moment of clarity was then followed by 2.5 insanely humorous weeks of joke telling, script writing, casting, prop building, location and equipment rental that amazingly consolidated when we launched worldwithoutphotoshop.com and Adobe (who had become aware of what we were doing) featured part of the video in the Photoshop World keynote.

There are some great sight gags including an absurd 3-D “Lorem” dummy type model, a copyPhone, copyBooks, an all powerful “Layers Stack” room and the mysterious “Photo Box” that somehow develops camera images in the same way vintage photo booths at the beach do.

World Without Photoshop Stuff Had a blast working with the cast and crew, the response to the project has been fantastic. We will be posting an additional scene and outtakes next week, as well as more details on some of the props and tricks used in the video.

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