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Thursday, 02.07.13 at 6:33 pm
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Over the past two years The Chopping Block has been working with the National Constitution Center on a few projects centered around electoral politics. While we were toiling over the presidential battle royale, the rest of the NCC team installed and opened “American Spirits”, an incredibly beautiful exhibit on the American experiment with prohibition (also known as the 18th amendment).

Wayne Wheeler’s Amazing Amendment Machine Bay 3Wayne Wheeler’s Amazing Amendment Machine Bay 4Wayne Wheeler’s Amazing Amendment Machine Bay 5
You don’t have to be a fan of alcohol or history to enjoy this exhibit, there is plenty there for designerds as well. Shown above are three of five panels from “Wayne Wheeler’s Amazing Amendment Machine”, a highlight of the exhibit that is something of a cross between sculpture, animation, information design with just a touch of a Rube Goldberg. While the machine is not our brainchild, we did get to assist in the design of “Choose Your Words” and the “High-striker” panels (above images center and right).

Below are additional images from the show ranging from interactive panels to wallpaper to information graphic displays. A stunning design and a masterful re-telling of the American prohibition story by Vice President of Exhibitions, Stephanie Reyer, and the entire design team at NCC. See the show in Philadelphia from now until April 28th (also coming to St. Paul, St. Louis, Austin, Seattle and Grand Rapids).

Volstead ActMugshotThe National Crime SyndicatePowder Room WallpaperBootlegging Map

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