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Monday, 02.11.13 at 12:51 pm
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Our Chop Cards are ideal for making your mobile dreams come true!

We just got another batch of mobile design index cards back from the printer. Now you too can brainstorm like a pro with one hundred spot-color mobile device frames printed on high quality bright white index cards. Stockpile them for yourself or share them with a team. Pen, pencil, horizontal or vertical, with a handful of these bad boys you are ready to design the crazy future of mobile design!

Our team is often asked to mastermind and deliver new UX design solutions, or fix existing ones. A task which always entails lots of potential options, fresh ideas and rapid ideation. When the various bits (sections, platforms, navigation, etc..) of an interactive project are rapidly shifting, sketchbooks & notepads can not always keep up. Project discovery with index cards allow us to seamlessly explore design, user flows, application scale and more. It enables a team to challenge conventions or refine goals by shifting/swapping cards around until things feel right.

We believe that every creative idea worth discussing should be drawn. Experience has proven that a few hours of drawing & prototyping interactive applications can save days (if not weeks) development and testing.

If you really want to be an overachiever, our friends at Woomoo Inc. have created a genius app called POPapp that turns your Chop Card sketches into clickable mobile prototypes. Together we are combining the future and the past all for the price of $7.50 and a free app!

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