Kickstarter: The Altered States of America

Friday, 08.23.13 at 7:43 pm
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As some of you may already know, we have been arranging the icons from the most popular science fiction, fantasy and horror for some time now into various compositions that usually get printed on tshirts. We may return to this tradition again one day, but wanted to try something a bit different this year. So we decided to Kickstart an illustrated a map of the USA featuring some of the greatest scenes from pop-culture history. Examples to include: the iconic scene of “King Kong” atop New York’s Empire State Building, the final scream scene of “Body Snatchers” outside San Francisco’s City Hall, or the unforgettable scene of a devastated Statue of Liberty on a NJ beach, just to name but a few.

Note that this will be a map of where fictional stories take place — not where something was actually filmed or produced. For example, “Carrie” takes place in Maine as does “Iron Giant” and “Beetlejuice” in Connecticut. More on the logic of all this can be found on our campaign page and in the explainer video.

Currently, most of the map is planned with some parts already illustrated (as you can see above), but we are happy to take suggestions to help fill a few holes or perhaps improve upon the references we already have in place. Please see this link to submit your suggestions. Btw — If a state is not listed, it just means we already have too many references.

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