Custom Disney Vacation T-Shirts

Friday, 09.13.13 at 3:22 pm
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This summer, the wife and I loaded up the boys and spent a week of our summer vacation at Disney World, an event which (for my wife) should never be attempted without matching family t-shirts. Fortunately, I really like her a lot… AND we are both designers.

We crafted a family crest thats part Disney and NYC, laden with as many references that we could fit. The shield supporter on the left is Mufasa (of The Lion King fame), and opposite him is Patience, one of the NY Public Library lions. Had to include Mickey ears and Lady Liberty’s crown, and everything is positioned atop the public transportation for each location.

There is nothing like kicking of a week of vacation by jamming 40+ hours of late night design/production into the days before. Worth every minute when you see the smiling kids sporting the designs they helped art direct.

We published a longer post containing more information about the process (we used a desktop die-cutting machine), as well as more detailed photos over at

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