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Tuesday, 09.15.09 at 3:52 pm
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Today is my 1-year anniversary at the Block.  It’s also dangerously close to a few Block birthdays.  In celebration of these monumentus events, I decided to bake a cake that (kind of) looks like our logo.  Also it incorporates our odd love of oranges and it’s sitting on a wood cutting board so we get the wood obsession in there too.  The cake is lovingly made with white and yellow cake, vanilla frosting, fondant and cocoa powder.  I topped it off with some marzipan oranges with sugar leaves.


This is the 2nd cake I have baked for my fellow worker bees that the block.  Previously I attempted to bake a wedding cake when Leo and Beatriz got married and we had a reception at the office.

On a sentimental note: I am honored to have been able to work in this fantastic place for a year now.  The Chopping Block is a very special, dare I say magical place that I look forward to escaping to every single day.

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